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Last updated 7-Sep-2011

Course ID GINF533B Speciality Computer Science ECTS 6
Title Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (in English)

Person(s) in charge :
Teaching semester :   S3

Target skills :
The course covers knowledge representation and reasoning algorithms in artificial intelligence. The focus is, in the first part, on logical and symbolic knowledge and, in a second one probabilistic knowledge. The course will cover logical languages, symbolic languages, probabilistic systems, and decision making with these languages and systems.

Program summary :
  1 Knowledge representation with logic and symbolic formalism
   1.1 Knowledge representation overview
   1.2 Conceptual graphs
   1.3 Description logics
   1.4 Temporal and spatial reasoning
   1.5 Hypothetical reasoning

2 Probabilistic knowledge and reasoning
   2.1 Introduction to Bayes neworks
   2.2 Inference in Bayes networks
   2.3 Graphical models
   2.4 Dynamic Bayes networks and Bayesian filters

Activity Hours %
Course (CM) 36 100
TOTAL 36 100

The details about evaluation and exams of the first and the second sessions will be given at the beginning of the semesters.